The most frequent purpose of drilling applications is the production of cast-in-situ concrete piles and furthermore soil improvement. Concrete piles can be manufactured in several ways, e.g. drilling with or without casing. Common drilling procedures are Kelly drilling, CFA drilling with continuous flight auger, cased drilling with double head systems, part or full displacement drilling as well as soil mixing.

The pile production is carried out depending on demand as single pile, pile groups, tangential or contiguous pile walls. The single piles and pile groups are used in most cases for foundation purposes. Tangential or contiguous pile walls serve as retaining wall of excavations or potentially as a load bearing foundation for a new building structure.

Drilling procedures are applicable in nearly all soils. By difficult hard or rocky soil conditions drilling heads/rotaries with down-the-hole-hammers are used.

With our machines the following procedures can be accomplished:

  • Kelly Drilling
  • CFA drilling with continuous flight auger
  • VDW (in front of the wall) drilling with double auger head system
  • DDK double rotary head system drilling
  • WSM Wet Speed-Mixing
  • DSM Dry Speed-Mixing
  • Part displacement piles drilling
  • Full displacement piles drilling
  • or a combination of methods above