Static Pressing

On building site conditions, which demand vibration free procedure, e.g. sheeting works close to historical buildings under monument protection, hospitals, schools etc., the ABI Hydro-Press-System is used. This attachment for the ABI telescopic leader mast is suitable for static pressing and pulling cold-rolled profiles with interlocks as well as for hot-rolled U and Z-profiles in different system widths. Depending on geological situation high daily productive rates can be achieved.

This system is a genuine alternative to the wooden lagging / soldier pile wall, especially in the presence of high ground water level. The typical range of application is inner-city shoring or securing works for excavations, such as retaining walls and trench shoring.


ABI offers three different types of Hydro-Press-System for various sheet pile types:

HPS is suitable for cold rolled interlock sheet piles in U-shape with a system width between 600 and 800 mm. Three piles are pushed or pulled at the same time. Optionally an auger drive for pre-drilling can be mounted.

HPU is suitable for hot rolled U-shaped interlocking steel sheet piles with a system width of 600 mm. HPU can push or pull four sheets at the same time.

HPZ is suitable for hot rolled Z-shaped interlocking steel sheet piles with system width of 575 mm, 630 mm or 675 mm. HPZ can also push or pull four piles.

For further information please download our method description.